More than just a stay

By bicycle on old railway lines in the Eifel.

The Eifel is best known for its volcanoes, mountains, for its springs and certainly for its beautiful walks in extensive forests. But cycling in the Eifel? No, everyone immediately thinks of sweating and puffing with increases of more than 10%. However, we can reassure you: Cycling in the Eifel has never been more fun than today. A total of 162 km of cycling pleasure at a “walking distance” from our door.
This network of railway beds has been developed throughout the Eifel. If you want to drive for half an hour by car, the routes between Gerolstein and Kyllburg and Gerolstein and Kronenburg are also easily accessible.

A historic gem in the Eifel

(± 55 min drive)


Manderscheid is located at an altitude of 380 meters. From here you look at the valley where the Lieser flows. Lower in the village are two castles that probably date from the twelfth century. The upper castle was "Trier" territory, the large lower castle belonged to Luxembourg. For the best view, you must visit the cemetery. The river serves as the boundary between the two castles. The old buildings between the densely wooded area make for spectacularly beautiful photos. The castles belonged to two electors who contested each other here. Every year, during the last weekend of August, a historic castle festival takes place in Manderscheid. Then all kinds of events are planned in both castles and on the meadows in the vicinity.

Packed lunch during day trip

If you plan a day trip and would like to have a packed lunch, we will be happy to provide it for a small extra charge of 15 €.


  • freshly prepared organic lunch

  • fruit

  • healthy snack

  • drink of your choice

Walking near haus BuylBergh

Haus BuylBergh is located in a small, idyllic Eifel village at an altitude of 520m. It is wonderful to walk in the beautiful surrounding nature. The delux nature walking park, in the wider area, consists of 23 circular walks in the North and South Eifel nature parks and the Our and Mëllertal valley nature parks in Luxembourg.

If you would like it more adventurous, you can of course also leave directly at the house and walk with the topographic map offered.

If you really want to take a unique walk, you can visit the beautiful Naturparkzentrum Teufelsschlucht in about 40 minutes by car.

The Stolzembourg copper mine

A geologically revalued site

The remains of a five hundred year old copper mine are located 1.5 km from Stolzenbourg. Over the centuries, these mines, rich in copper, have attracted many people, in a village yet remote from the major industrial regions. Production was startling around 1856, 1887, 1901 and 1938. The geological path revalues the remains and gives the site its rightful place in the history, geological and mineralogical context of its environment. Part of this underground tunnel system has been open to the public for several years. Fifty meters below the earth's surface, you can get a good idea of the difficult working conditions of the copper miner.