More than just a stay


This room is the most spacious and at the same time a cosy luxury family room. This room is mainly located on the second floor, the mezzanine is on the third floor under the roof.  There are 4 living units in total: the master bedroom with a double bed, the mezzanine bedroom also with a double bed, a spacious living room with two proper sleeping seats and a large bathroom. The different rooms, the living room and the bathroom have been combined into a beautiful whole. But still offer everyone enough privacy. The spacious bathroom with shower, washbasin and toilet offers all comforts. During your stay, fresh bed linen and towels are provided. For longer stays, bed linen is changed weekly and towels are changed as needed.



€ 220 for six persons including breakfast buffet

€ 200 for five persons including breakfast buffet


€ 180 for four persons including breakfast buffet


€ 160 for three, two or one person including breakfast buffet

This room has a mezzanine with a double bed. This attic room is large enough for two adults to spend a pleasant weekend or midweek.

The rooms and bathrooms are cleaned thoroughly after each stay. Towels and flannels are changed regularly.

To create a calm and harmonious atmosphere, the colours of the room were continued in the decoration.


Jade gemstone is a symbol of purity and serenity, protects from harm, has a calming effect and gives harmony to negative emotions or thoughts. Jade allows hidden knowledge to come to the surface, to the conscious mind. Jade helps soothe and release feelings of helplessness and guilt because it shows you that you are a spiritual being on a human journey. It encourages standing up for yourself and self-reliance. He teaches that you are allowed to be there, that you do not have to adapt endlessly and let others cross your boundaries.

Emotionally, Jade is a "dreamstone". Provides dreams full of insights. Psychologically, it integrates the mind with the physical body. Brings balance in c.q. promotes communication between spheres of light and your personal self. Jade is also a grounding stone, gives you the firmness to be here on earth. Promotes your openness and friendliness to the outside world, without losing yourself. Gives a broad view on the world, openness. Clears blockages in this area.