More than just a stay


This quadruple room with 1 double bed and 2 single beds is located on the first floor. In this room, you have a luxuriously furnished bathroom with a walk-in shower, just like in all the other rooms.

In this cosy and at the same time spacious family room you can enjoy a very nice view on the valley. This room is tastefully decorated with teak furniture. The double bed has two box springs, two mattresses and a double topper to ensure a good sleeping comfort. The bedroom has two single beds that are separated from the part with the double bed. The spacious bathroom with shower, washbasin and toilet gives you all the comfort you need. During your stay, fresh sheets and towels are always provided. For longer stays, sheets are changed weekly and towels according to your needs.

PRICES HIGH SEASON ( from 1st May until 30th september )


€ 190 for an occupancy of four persons including breakfast buffet.


€ 165 for three persons including breakfast buffet.

€ 135 for two persons including breakfast buffet.

PRICES LOW SEASON ( from 1st octobre until 30th april )

€ 180 for an occupancy of four persons including breakfast buffet.

€ 155 for three persons including breakfast buffet.

€ 130 for two persons including breakfast buffet.


Emerald is transparent to translucent and bright green in colour with a glassy sheen. The stone belongs to the beryl-family.

Emerald activates the heart chakra and stimulates love, inspiration, openness, sincerity, positivity, enjoyment of life and the feeling of unity and therefore has a positive effect on relationships, friendships and cooperation in groups. It promotes spiritual growth, foresight and clarity of mind, purposefulness, alertness, balance and helps to overcome adversity and may stimulate clairvoyance. Physically, the stone has a positive effect on the eyes and vision, regeneration and recovery, sinuses, lungs, heart, liver, rheumatic disorders, immune system, claustrophobia, infectious diseases, muscles, diabetes and epilepsy.

To create a calm and harmonious atmosphere, the colours of the room were continued in the decoration.

The rooms and bathrooms are cleaned thoroughly after each stay. Towels and flannels are changed regularly.

Just like the bedroom, the bathroom is also finished with high-quality and durable materials. The washbasin is made of blue natural stone and the lower shelf of bamboo wood.