More than just a stay


This luxuriously furnished room with spacious bathroom is located on the ground floor and has a private terrace. The bedroom is furnished with a double bed and comfortable lounge chairs. In this cosy room, decorated with teak furniture, you can enjoy a pleasant stay both inside and outside. The double bed has two box springs, two mattresses and a double topper to ensure a good sleeping comfort. The bedroom is equipped with an infrared heater with thermostat for cosy and ecological warmth. The spacious bathroom with shower, washbasin and toilet offers you every comfort. During your stay, fresh sheets and towels are always provided. For longer stays, sheets are changed weekly and towels according to your needs.



€ 95 for a double occupancy including breakfast buffet


€ 80 for one person including breakfast buffet


Azurite is a strong insight-giving and healing stone. The stone cleanses and stimulates the third eye (forehead chakra) and thus promotes psychic and intuitive development and insights. On an emotional level, azurite helps with fears and phobias, stress and sadness. Physically, azurite has a strong medicinal effect and has a positive effect on the throat, teeth, kidneys, gall bladder, liver, spleen, thyroid gland and bones. The stone has a cleansing effect on body, mind and chakras.

Like the bedroom, the bathroom is also finished with high-quality, durable materials. The washbasin is made of blue natural stone and the lower shelf of bamboo wood.

The rooms and bathrooms are cleaned thoroughly after each stay. Towels and flannels are changed regularly.

To create a calm and harmonious atmosphere, the colours of the room were continued in the decoration.